Eating In Thailand

The first time I went to Thailand was back in 1973. I was a young soldier in the United States Army and Bangkok was my first duty station. I was there for 18 months and my first meal back in America was a Big Mac, fries and a Coke.

Times have changed and fast food places dot the Thailand countryside. Everything from KFC to McDonalds to Pizza Hut is everywhere. They are not just in the big cities and tourist town, but exist in smaller towns like Khon Kaen and Phitsanulok.

Granted, I am a junk food junkie back in the states, but usually in Thailand, I tend to eat the local food. Actually it is Thai fast food.

I prefer to eat from the local street vendors that can have a plate ready for you in less than one minute. And, it is a lot cheaper and tastier than the local Burger King.

But, when I am in Thailand for three or four weeks, eventually I give in and have to have some burgers, fried chicken, or pizza. And, for my Thai girlfriend, it is a special treat to eat from one of the American “restaurants”.

When I go to Khon Kaen, I love to eat the fresh seafood at the local restaurants. Bar-B-Que prawn with vegetables and rice is all I need for dinner. My sweetie will get some oysters and papaya salad and all is good.

When we are in the room and decide to stay in to watch a DVD movie, she just loves to call the Pizza Company for some pizza and chicken wings. I get the pizza and she devours the wings.

Breakfasts are usually standard fare of eggs and rice with perhaps a sausage or two. Occasionally it will be Thai soup or a noodle dish like pad thai. Once in a while we like to go to a hotel run by foreigners and they have an “American” breakfast.

Lunches are snacks for me. I like to have some chicken or pork BBQ on a stick with some sticky rice. Or, if my girl is in a good mood, she will drive over to KFC and grab some spicy chicken sandwiches. And, of course, she gets me the blueberry cheesecake dessert.

We both enjoy the Khon Kaen restaurants that are around the local lake or rivers. They have these small, thatched booths with great views. The food and service is excellent and some have a live band playing local Thai country music.

So, Thailand has the best of both worlds. You can get anything from a pizza to a cheeseburger, or fried rice and noodles. Great food and super prices. Another reason I love Thailand.

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