Life without plastic in Thailand

I was a soldier posted in Bangkok, Thailand back in the very early 1970’s. Not constantly having a number of cash, I utilized to consume food from the neighborhood road suppliers.

Nowadays, all over in Thailand the substantial bulk of road suppliers offer food as well as beverage in plastic bags. McDonalds has absolutely nothing on this junk food experience.

Whatever you order, be it a rice or noodle meal, is scooped up right into a plastic bag then secured with an elastic band. This likewise consists of beverages as well as soups.

Smaller sized bags of seasonings as well as sauces are likewise supplied. You could also obtain fresh sliced up fruit to enter a little bag with a skewer to stab each wonderful tidbit.

Buying on the roads, shopping centers, as well as markets will certainly additionally subject you to bags as well as bags of plastic. No matter just what the dimension of the product, it will certainly enter a plastic bag.

I have actually had many events where I obtained a huge plastic bag to hold a selection of write-ups as well as each succeeding acquisition caused a little plastic bag being taken into the bigger. In spite of my arguments that the smaller sized plastic bag was not needed, I was averted with an overwhelmed appearance as well as a smile.

Needles to claim, after a day or 2 in Thailand, you have the tendency to obtain a heap of plastic bags. I do handle to make use of a number of them for filthy washing or to maintain things divided, however the majority of the plastic goes directly right into the garbage.

I truly have no idea exactly what the Thai individuals would certainly do today without plastic bags. They would not recognize exactly what to do if the tree-hugging ecologists ever before came to Thailand.

Where would certainly they place their sticky rice as well as beef jerky?

Just how would certainly suppliers market coke to go?

Exactly how would certainly the bootleg software application and also DVDs be dispersed?

Just how would certainly I obtain my dish of Thai soup residence?

Would certainly they have the ability to return back to banana leaves and also the other day’s papers?

I do not assume that the Thai individuals can live without plastic bags. And also any type of effort o quit the use would certainly lead to dreadful outcomes.

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