Pay Uncle Sam

One of the easiest ways to attract legal attention to yourself and your business is to fail to file taxes and report income. The IRS can easily track everyone down, and by not paying taxes you may be waving a red flag in their eyes.File taxes and report your income as compensation for rendering personal services. Personal assistants, housekeepers and cosmetologists report income for personal services for other people; and, you can, too.

The downside to this strategy is that you must pay taxes. However, every legitimate business is required to pay taxes, and as an escort, remember that you are running this type of business.
Avoid street walking
Never take your business to the street. By standing on a street corner, hovering around a bus station or hanging out at a truck stop, you might as well be telling a police officer that you are a prostitute. The message is very clear to law enforcement officers when they see someone loitering and stopping passers-by. It is much safer and simpler to promote your escort business online.

Go big city
Move your business to a large city. It’s much easier to fly under the radar and go unnoticed if you’re working in a large, metropolitan city. With cities that have populations of 750,000 or more, you’re less likely to attract attention.Additionally, large population means a larger potential client base, plus you will be less likely to run into someone you know.

Don’t proposition
Escorts should never start the conversation about business. Always allow the client to bring up requests, money offers and anything else that should be discussed prior to doing business. By making the offer or explaining the details, you may break prostitution solicitation laws, which can cause you problems.
Stay quiet
Keep your career choice quiet. There’s no need to share what you do with everyone. The fewer people who know what you really do, the better. Even though people may not mean any harm, information can sometimes be incidentally shared with the wrong person or in the wrong company. By keeping mum about your career, you reduce the chances of any legal backlash.

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