Relax Time With Golf Course In Pattaya

There are many famous and modern golf course available around the world. Mostly people love to go to big country like USA or UK. However, If we take a look for golf course in Asian country like china, Malaysia or Thailand, there are also quality golf course available in these countries.

If you are the one who look for a golf trip in Thailand, so may I take this opportunity to introduce one of the finest city in eastern region of Thailand, Pattaya. It might get most reputation from its beautiful and cosy beach plus very entertaining might file. However, there is the fact that Pattaya is also one of the most favourite places to play golf. There are about 20 up to 30 golf courses available in Pattaya city which some of them is used in international competition, but it would be fair to say that the rest are the ones also have reach international standard.

Therefore, playing golf in this small city will be not much different from playing with the famous course at the rest of the world. Apart from that you will find golf course fee in Thailand is very cheap, if compare to other city. According to the lower cost of living in Thailand.

However, as I have mentioned above about professional golf course in Pattaya, it does not mean that it is only suitable for golf experts or senior players. If you are the person who just start to practice or if you have children who want to practice golf lesson at very cheap price, so Thailand may be one of the best choice and you can go to many of golf course in Pattaya which provide lesson at a very reasonable price or you can learn for your own course.

Apart from playing golf in this city, you may find many more interesting activities from this small city. Particularly beach relaxation activities and superb delicious Thai seafood. Pattaya is the place where a lot of other international sport games were organised. You, as a professional golfer but may want to try new activity for leisure time, these exciting sports are waiting.

According to the information described above, it can conclude that it is the place the many of golf lovers could enjoy world class standard course as well as pleasure with all different types of activities. There are so many information resource that you can find out more about them such as the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s website at or you may fine global internet resource for all destinations all over the world like lonely planet.

However, it is really essential for you to make sure about the golf course such as location and price before you go. Especially the price which vary and changes all the time. It would be better to ask or buy package through you local travel agent, which usually you will get cheaper deals and to ensure that you have someone who specialize to take care everything for you.

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